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4 columns, max 8 projects, manual scroll

[projects columns="4" count="8" scroll="1"][/projects]

2 columns, no excerpt, description left, with filter

[projects filter="1" columns="2" excerpt_length="0" order="random" align="left"]TEXT[/projects]

Automatic scroll, no images

[projects columns="5" count="10" thumb="0" scroll="4000"][/projects]

All posts shortcode parameters

[projects align="left/right" filter="0/1" columns="2/3/4/5/6" count="NUMBER" category="CATEGORY_SLUG" order="name/new/old/random" thumb="0/1" scroll="MILISECONDS" excerpt_length="NUMBER"][/projects]

“Project attributes” shortcode

In case you need to reposition project attributes list on single project pages, you can use a “project_attributes” shortcode to place it anywhere in project content or excerpt. By default the project attributes are being displayed at the beginning of project excerpts. Once you place this shortcode somewhere else the default position will not be displayed.

[project_attributes title="TEXT" /]